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RSS unable to challenge Hooliganism and Goonda Raj of the Congress

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samAlochaka writes on Sudarshan episode. Is it the same samAlochaka who was writing in our blogs some time back? samAlochaka says – SP lacks tactical finesse and Congress, ability to manage itself to civic behavior.

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After Sudarshan’s remark against Sonia Gandhi and the subsequent fallout of congress hooliganism, it became further obvious that:

  1. Sangh Parivar (SP) lacks strategic/tactical finesse
  2. Congress, just like the Communists,  officially resort to hooliganism.
  3. Despite constitutional guarantees, there is no “freedom of speech” in this country except for those who want to paint Hindu goddesses in the nude, or those who proclaim from the dais their support for secessionist forces.


Let us consider the above developments:

In response to Congress attack, besides organizing protests, SP (RSS+BJP) should have brought in libel charges against those who made the remarks.. Recall that they (SP) had failed to react appropriately against even the “Maut ke Saudagar” remark on Narendra Modi by Sonia Gandhi.

The remarks by Sudarshan are his rights to exercise “freedom of speech”. Either they are his opinions, to which he is entitled, or he made allegations, which he can at best be forced to defend in a court of law.

Congress by “threatening” has actually committed an offense of “hate speech” amounting to incitement of violence, and whoever from Congress committed this must be tried for “hate speech”. If congress has not disowned it as yet, then Congress has to be charged for being an accomplice. Further, Sonia Gandhi being the Head of congress Party must be held responsible and should be tried.

Even if RSS and BJP (SP) do not agree with Sudarshan’s remarks, they must stand by him for his RIGHT to say what he feels like, and his RIGHT (and Obligation) to defend his remarks.

Let’s list out a few examples under various categories:

(I)            Tactlessness of  RSS/BJP

  1. Golwalkar’s praising of the Prophet in his book.
  2. AB Vajpeyee praised Indira Gandhi as Durga
  3. LK Advani “regretted” demolition of the structure in Ayodhya.
  4. The goof by Bangaru Laxman during the sting operation conducted by Tehelka.
  5. The Jinnah episode demonstrating the hypocrisy and stupidity of LK Advani, stupidity of Jaswant Singh.
  6. Election debacle in 2009 showing stupidity of Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj.
  7. Sushma Swaraj belittling Narendra Modi to appease Nitish Kumar.
  8. Sushma Swaraj meddling in Karnataka affairs. If she has any brains, she should apply where it is needed not to destabilize BJP’s own government merely to settle ego-scores.
  9. Unmanliness of B S Yeddyruyappa while handling the first crisis in his government in Karnataka.
  10. SP (RSS/BJP) never question the principles of “Secularism”, “Socialism”, “father of the nation” status of Mohandas, and undeserving hallowed status of Jawahar. Rather they term themselves “Truly Secular”, “Socialist”, reverential towards Mohandas, and admiring towards Jawahar.
  11. Similarly there has been no questioning of Obama’s remark absolving Islam of the guilt of terror.
  12. Unpardonable injustice done to Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharti, and possibly scores of “dedicated workers” who sacrificed a lot for BJP.

(II)          Absence of Rule of Law during Congress Regimes

  1. Dilly dallying in the hanging of Afzal Guru, the reasons being cited as “fear of probable law and order problems!”.
  2. Anti-Sikh riots of 1984 which were orchestrated by Congress leaders, executed by Muslims, and were “strategically” portrayed as Hindu-Sikh riots!


Always remember that for Hindus Congress is a non-hindu party, but whenever Congress has any fight with non-hindus, it portrays the conflict as hindu-non-hindu conflict.

(III)         Inverted Freedom of Speech in this country

  1. MF Hussein and Arundhati Roy being given protection while Sudarshan being harrassed. Protection to nude paintings of Hindu goddesses, but pressure applied on Google to remove a video clip showing a Mohandas look-alike doing pole dancing.
  2. Congress leaders openly issuing violent threats while a senior citizen is being hounded for expressing his opinion about another mortal!


(IV)        Hooliganism and Goonda Raj of Congress

Congress has always shown itself to be a collection of unruly and uncouth brigands masquerading as politicians headed by the traitorous Nehru-Gandhi family.

  1. Dilly dallying in the hanging of Afzal Guru, the reasons being cited as “fear of probable law and order problems!”.
  2. Anti-Sikh riots of 1984 which were orchestrated by Congress leaders, executed by Muslims, and were “strategically” portrayed as Hindu-Sikh riots!
  3. Support for Mulayam Singh’s 1990 massacre of Kar Sevaks.
  4. Corruption e.g. Bofors and so on.
  5. Complete disregard for the Rule of Law during Emergency period.


(V)          Unmanliness of BJP Leadership

  1. Bangaru Laxman goofing during the Tehelka sting-operation.
  2. BS Yeddyruyappa crying during the previous Karnataka crisis.
  3. ABV/LKA/BJP regretting 1992 demolition.


These are surely truncated lists! Nevertheless they suffice now for the purpose of demonstrating the claims in the present context.

And so what’s the moral of the story? It is high time that Hindus demanded a separate state for them. If there are Islamic countries, Christian countries and what not, then why not a Hindu country as well? And note that we take Hinduism = Hindu-Way-Of-Life = Sanatana Dharma.

Reproduced from samAlochaka

Congress incites violence against RSS?


While interacting with the media K S Sudarshan,the former Sarsanghchalak of RSS called Sonia Gandhi an American CIA agent and accused her of plotting assassinations of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and his mother Indira Gandhi . Sudarshan claimed that Rajiv Gandhi had some doubts about Sonia  and he was thinking of separation. While holding her responsible for the killing of her husband,  RSS chief K S Sudarshan asked why the  Z plus security was not provided to him. He further asked why the probe is not being done to find out the truth.

He said that Sonia’s father was in jail at the time of her birth in 1944  and she misinterpreted her  date of birth  as 1946. He claims that all these reveleations has been done by a congressman and he refused to divulge the name of the congressman.
He made these remarks while condemning  the government and ruling Congress party for character assassination of RSS leaders and equating RSS with the SIMI, a banned extremist outfit.

Congress demanded an apology from former RSS chief K S Sudarshan for his reported remarks against Sonia Gandhi and warned of criminal proceedings if he does not express regret.  Congress General Secretary,Digvijay Singh strongly condemned the verbal attack.  By making baseless charges against Sonia, only shown level of the RSS and the BJP, Singh said in a statement. The Congress General Secretary said that RSS Chief,Mohan Bhagwat and the BJP should tell people whether or not they agree with Sudarshan’s anti-Sonia remarks made on wednesday.

The Congress has asked all its state units to launch a protest against the Sangh parivar. “We want a strong protest, strong enough to ensure that such outfits don’t open their mouths for such comments in the future,” general secretary Janardan Dwivedi said. Dwivedi asked Congress workers not to indulge in violence, but warned that “such vulgar and untruthful remarks can incite our partymen”. “Nobody should blame the Congress if any untoward development takes place,” the chief party spokesperson added.

He appeared inciting partymen to react violently as he went on to read out all Sudarshan said. He reproduced the details. His statement disowning any violence by Congress workers and his call for a strong reactions strengthened this perception.

“We seek the support of all countrymen, media and enlightened sections in deciding whether such a language should be permitted in public life,’’ the Congress general secretary said.

The RSS distanced itself from the diatribe, saying it didn’t represent its views. “Only Sudarshan can clarify why he spoke like that,” Sangh spokesperson Ram Madhav said. “We are concerned about the reports sourced to him.” He said RSS had never discussed such matters (contents of Mr Sudarshan’s remarks) at any time or at any level, nor does it possess any such information. Sangh sources said Sudarshan had of late been meeting known Sonia-baiters. “He is very impressionable and must have been influenced by them,” a source said.

The BJP said the Congress chief was a “democratically elected leader” and “chairperson of a ruling coalition” and deserved “respect.  “Respect him (the former RSS chief), but I don’t agree with his statement,’’ Opposition leader Sushma Swaraj told newspersons.

Subramanian Swamy, Janata Party Prsident, recently in an article titled “Known Sonia Gandhi”  had attacked Sonia Gandhi and it appears that Sudarshan statements are taken from it.

via Tehelka     Other sources

RSS holds nationwide protests against Hindu terror tag


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) activists, led by their top leaders, Wednesday, Nov 10, 2010,  staged protests in several places across India against the central government’s alleged political conspiracy to link the group to terror activities.  Protests were held in almost all districts across India.
RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat led the protestors in Lucknow while general secretary Suresh Joshi addressed a rally in Hyderabad. Demonstrations were also held across Punjab, Haryana and Orissa.  In Delhi, MPs Prakash Javadekar and Balbir K Punj were among those who participated in the sit-ins.
The protests come in the wake of RSS leader Indresh Kumar and other activists being named in the chargesheet in the Ajmer blast case — three people were killed and 30 injured when explosives kept in a tiffin box exploded at the shrine of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisthi Oct 11, 2007.
Addressing protestors in Lucknow, Bhagwat said the cases and allegations against the RSS were “baseless and politically motivated”.  He claimed  that no RSS activist could be even remotely connected with acts of terror and  he disowned all those who were suspected to be involved in such acts.
He also came out strongly in defence of Indresh: “The fact that the investigating agencies had failed to find any concrete evidence against Indresh proved our point that he was being falsely implicated simply because the UPA government wanted to give us a bad name.”  

The RSS chief alleged that since 2003 attacks were being carried out on saints as a well-planned conspiracy to demoralise Hindus. “First Kanchi Acharya was arrested and dirty allegations were levelled against him, then Swami Laxman, who was working for the welfare of tribals in Odisha was killed. Everyone knows about the conspirators, but they are still roaming free. This was done by those who knew that opinion of people will change due to work of these saints. Now dragging Sangh’s name is a part of that chain,” he said.
Bhagwat said that the problem was not for the RSS only but the entire Hindu society as an effort was being made to demoralise them by spreading canard. “Respecting the Constitutional traditions, we had been working silently so far, but this is the limit. Today danger looms large over peace, unity and integrity of the country and people should realise it,” he said. This is the first time the RSS chief has led a demonstration.
In Delhi, Punj said the central government was misusing investigative agencies and other institutions to “defame the RSS and its activists”.  

In Orissa, protests and rallies were held not just in the capital Bhubaneswar but also in places like Cuttack, Rourkela and Sambalpur.  Carrying placards and banners, hundreds of activists staged a sit-in near the Raj Bhavan. According to Orissa unit general secretary Gopal Prasad Mohapatra, the recent investigations of the Rajasthan Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) team probing the Ajmer blast were part of sinister designs to destabilise the country. Stating that Hindu organisations and religious leaders had been a constant target for several years, he said attempts were afoot to dishonour the Hindu religion.
In response to the call, demonstrations were also held in over 20 places in Punjab.  “Mass dharnas have been organised against hateful and politically motivated anti-Hindu propagandas of some leaders and political parties related with the union government,” said Munishwar, general secretary of RSS (Punjab).  “The chargesheet filed by the ATS, Rajasthan, in the Ajmer case and subsequent statements are irresponsible… In the 820-page chargesheet neither has Indresh Kumar been named as accused nor are there are any formal charges against him. But the ATS is still harassing him,” RSS spokesperson Kishor Kant said in Jalandhar.

via RSS holds nationwide protests against Hindu terror tag            NDTV

Torture to Indresh? BJP hesitating to join protests?

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) will on Wednesday stage rallies in defence of one of its leaders involved in the Ajmer blast case and against what it termed as the Congress-led central government’s anti-RSS and anti-Hindu religion politics [RSS to stage nationwide protest].   

RSS today charged investigating agencies probing the Ajmer Dargah blast of subjecting a senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar, named in the chargesheet in the case, “to physical and mental torture”, despite extending full cooperation to them. Referring to Kumar “whose name has been dragged into the chargesheet, citing a meeting”, RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav alleged at a press meet here that though Kumar had fully cooperated with the Anti Terrorist Squad, Rajasthan, “they subjected him to physical and mental torture and indulged in unacceptable method of investigation”. He said RSS would take legal steps on the matter in course of time but refused to divulge further details, saying “we want the investigation to take place in a non-political atmosphere”. [RSS alleges torture to Indresh Kumar

Meanwhile, it is reported that BJP can’t make up its mind on joining an RSS dharna on November 10 to protests. Asked if it would join the demonstration, BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad was silent. The Sangh’s Ram Madhav, however, said “anybody is free to join the protests as individual swayamsevaks”.

A political aide to BJP president Nitin Gadkari — who owes his position to the RSS — said the leader was himself undecided. The lack of clarity, he appeared to suggest, was uncharacteristic given the alacrity seen in the past. Madan Das Devi, the all-India pracharak pramukh and an informal interface between the Sangh and the BJP, said he hadn’t heard from the BJP. “It’s up to the BJP. I am still awaiting word from their leaders.”

A BJP source disclosed that the view so far was that the party should confine itself to issuing supportive statements without getting proactive. “At least, the top leaders think we should not involve ourselves in such tricky situation [BJP in fix over Sangh protest].

Blast cloud on RSS outreach Pracharak

A senior Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh pracharak assigned to reach out to Muslims has been mentioned in the Ajmer dargah blast chargesheet as a conspirator. Indresh Kumar, a Sangh national executive member, is in charge of the outfit’s Rashtriya Muslim Morcha and has been involved in back- channel talks with the All India Muslim Personal Law Board for a negotiated Ayodhya settlement.

The 806-page chargesheet  says Indresh and seven other Hindu radical leaders met secretly in Jaipur on October 31, 2005, and plotted the blasts at Ajmer Sharif, Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid and Malegaon.

Rajasthan police sources said Indresh had not technically been named as an accused because further investigations were on to establish his role in the blast, which killed three persons at the dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti on October 11, 2007.

The development comes at a time the Sangh has been disowning those accused in the “Hindu terror” blasts, many of them linked to a radical outfit called Abhinav Bharat.

“It’s a political conspiracy…. I will fight this injustice in court,” Indresh said.  But Sangh sources who spoke to him conceded he had not categorically denied his presence at the meeting. Sangh spokesperson Ram Madhav initially said the accusation was “far from the truth” and would be challenged in court, but later issued a toned-down statement: “We do not believe in such violent activities and will definitely cooperate with the investigators.”

Former RSS chief KC Sudershan today charged Congress with hatching a conspiracy to defame the Hindu organisation asserting RSS leader Indresh Kumar was not involved in any anti-national activitiy, former

The imperative of keeping the Bihar coalition with Nitish Kumar intact prompted the BJP to distance itself from Indresh without disowning him. “The BJP will react only if there is credible evidence. It is more appropriate for the RSS to react,” spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari alleged the Sangh had always worked to “disturb communal amity” and the chargesheet was “a manifestation of its direction right from the beginning”.

The chargesheet, filed by Rajasthan police’s anti-terrorism squad at the court of the Ajmer additional chief judicial magistrate, says the secret meeting took place at room No. 26 of a Gujarati community guesthouse on Jaipur’s M.I. Road.

It says Indresh was the chief speaker and urged the others to carry out their individual assignments while remaining affiliated with religious organisations to stay under the police radar.

The others at the meeting included several prime accused in the Mecca Masjid, Malegaon and Ajmer blasts: Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Ramji Kalsangra, Devendra Gupta, Lokesh Sharma, Sandeep Dange and Sunil Joshi, who died recently.

Devendra is one of the five accused in the Ajmer chargesheet and is in judicial custody with two of the others: Lokesh Sharma and Chandra Shekhar. They are all linked with Abhinav Bharat and have been charged with murder, criminal conspiracy and defiling a place of worship. The other two accused, Dange and Kalsangra, are in hiding. Arguments on the chargesheet will be heard from Tuesday.

The BJP fears that the Congress and the Lalu Prasad-Ram Vilas Paswan combine will use Indresh’s name in the Bihar poll campaign to play on Muslims’ fears about the Sangh.

via Blast cloud on RSS outreach man.