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Kashmir – Resource Page

In India, discussion about Kashmir almost always ends in a confusion due to lack of consensus on every single issue related to the crisis situation. This is due to the illogical arguments floating in the public domain, sustained misinformation campaign by vested interests and lack of awareness about reality.   The objective of any Kashmir related activity should be

 1. Set out clear objectives for a debate, or for an initiative.

2. Provide valid information, arguments and insights leading to the realization of objectives.

3. Provide pointers to  web sources to help sustaining meaningful perspectives.


       This page is a first landing on the web in an urgent effort to reduce confusions regarding Kashmir

Kashmir is a long standing security concern for India. Pakistan is waiting for a suitable opportunity to annex Kashmir. Unrealistic assessment of Pakistani establishment has been exposed in previous wars – but Pakistani society as a whole has not learnt any lessons so far.

China and other global powers are responsible for complicating the Kashmir problems for India. Lack of awareness about the problem, lack of consensus on various issues of Kashmir among Indians can be cited as main problems faced by India. This page provides  lists resources to address these problems

What is Happening in Kashmir – NOW

AGITATIONAL TERRORISM – is adopted by separatist forces and expressed through exploting Islamic religious sentiments in Kishtwar district.  On the day of Ramzan, a communal riot broke out in which shops and houses of minority Hindus were targetted by anti Indian Muslims who were carrying Pakistani flags for the Id prayers.   Two relevant reports in this regard – by Samvada.org  and by South Asia Intelligence review

kashmir-medsyn : a blog on Kashmir by media.syndicate. Intended to individuals who would like to take a sensible stance on History of Kashmir, disputes around the region and proposed newer arrangements.

Panun Kashmir is an organisation of displaced Kashmiri Pandits (Kashmiri Hindus) founded in December 1990, in order to demand that a separate homeland for Kashmir’s Hindu population be carved out of the overwhelmingly Muslim Valley of Kashmir. Panun means “our own” in Kashmir. Panun Kashmir is an imaginary region north and east of river Zhelum demanded to protect Hindus from onslaught of Muslim/Islam.   Panun Kashmir Website

Kashmiri Shaivism – Vaideeka philosophy taught by teachers from Kashmir – Abhinavagupta, and Jayaratha.




Vijaya Yatra – a media pointer

Vijaya Yatraa tour to establish Dharma among massess – was undertaken by Sringeri Shankaracharya Sri. Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji during 2012-13.  Details of the Yatra is provided by the following links –  Objectives, an account,  teachings, and a photo gallery.   The content is taken from the  official website of Sringeri Mutt and organized in a different way for easy reference. 





The aims and objectives of the Vijaya Yatra  – URL

An account of the Vijaya Yatra  – URL

Teachings by Swamiji during Vijaya Yatra  – URL

 Photo gallery related to the Yatra   –URL



Sringeri Mutt website

Vijayayatra Website



Triumphant tour to establish Dharma

Acharya of Sringeri undertakes one year tour to re-establish Sanatana Dharma among massess in the southern India.

Sringeri Pontiff  Sri Bharati Tirtha has undertaken a Digvijaya Yatra (tour of comprehensive conquer) from 26th February 2012.  The Yatra is a spiritual journey in all directions teaching principles responsible for the sustenance of the world.  For one year,  the seer will lead the Yatra to grace various places across the country.

The purpose of the Vijaya Yatra is to dispel doubts, restore faith, and propagate the Upanishadic philosophy. The tour restores Sanatana Dharma throughout the length and breadth of this ancient land and establish it deeply in the hearts and minds of the people.

Jagadguru Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji, has undertaken many Vijaya Yatras since His Sannyasa in 1974. Some of the notable Yatras include the ones in 1975, 1977, and 1981 with His Guru (Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha Mahaswamiji, the 35th Acharya of Sringeri), and in 1987-88, 1992, 1994-95, 2007, and 2010 as the 36th Acharya.  These tours are continuation of the tradition was initiated by Adi Sankara and passed on by the previous Paramahamsa Parivraajaka-acharyas of Sringer.

Paramahamsa refers to the highest order among sannyasis, Parivraajaka implies that the sannyasi moves frequently from place to place. Acharya refers to one who knows the import of the Shastras, is established in rightful conduct (achara), and causes others to be established in it.

During the Vijaya Yatra, the Sringeri Jagadguru would establish or revive many smaller maths and appoint heads (Mathadhipatis) to preserve and renew the eternal Dharma in their communities. New temples will be consecrated while dilapidated ones will be renovated. Through His presence, the Jagadguru will guide gatherings of devotees in the study of Vedas and the Shastras. He will also deliver several discourses to reinforce the teachings of Sanatana Dharma. Sankaracharya of Sringeri would teach Advaita (non-dualism) to the massess.

The Vijaya Yatra is a special occasion for all devotees and supporters to participate in a great tradition. It enables everyone to reconnect with Sanatana Dharma in order to obtain happiness and peace at a time of suffering and uncertainty in the world.  The yatr enables everyone to see a living saint who exemplifies Sanatana Dharma and be graced by His presence and blessings.

New Cardinal from India

Pope Benedict XVI names Major Archbishop Mar Baselios Cleemis, head of the Syro-Malankara Church, in Kerala of India as Cardinal. He is the first Cardinal of the Syro-Malankara rite of the Catholic Church. At 53, he is among the youngest Cardinals in the Catholic Church. Kerala is now home to two Cardinals, with Mar George Alencherry of the Syro-Malabar Church being appointed as Cardinal earlier this year.

Born Isaac Thottunkal in Pathanthitta, Mukkoor, Kerala, June 15, 1959, Mar Cleemis will become the youngest of the 211 members of the College of Cardinals (with 120 under the age of 80). His record spans from the pre-degree he completed at St. Berchman’s College, Changanassery, to the doctorate he obtained at St. Thomas Pontifical University in Rome (in Ecumenism) in 1997. He was a priest at the diocese of Bathery and has also served as patron of the Indian Christian Forum and the St. Thomas Ecumenical Federation of India in the U.S. Mar Cleemis was consecrated as Bishop of Thiruvalla in 2003 and was elevated as Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malankara Church in 2007. New Cardinal has urged Christians to focus on human life, human dignity and human rights as obligations. He is focussed on very practical means of evangelization: a witnessing model, devised by Mother Theresa. The new cardinal’s appointment is viewed as an acknowledgment of “the vibrancy and diversity of the different rites in the Catholic Church.”

The Syro-Malankara Catholic Church is an Eastern Catholic Church based in the southwest Indian state of Kerala. It has more than 400,000 members, including 10,000 in North America. Currently about 600 priests serve the Syro-Malankara people, while the seminarians are nearly 500. There are also 2,000 nuns in 16 different religious institutes and 480 charitable agencies, and almost as many formation institutes.It is one of two Eastern churches that, along with the Latin Church, make up the Catholic Church in India. The other is the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church.

Kashmir and Varnashrama – problems due to propaganda

Propaganda by definition is spreading biased information for the purpose of promoting some cause. It helps in creating and strengthening an environment which is conducive to take steps towards the goal that it is intended to achieve. Understandably, a typical propaganda will create some negative consequences and subsequently undesirable situations. To understand and reduce ill efects of any propaganda, the extent of damage it has already created has to be assessed.
In any propaganda, there will be two groups – propagandists, those who design propaganda and the target group – those who are recipients of the propaganda.
In this context, it is instructive to list the stages of progression of a propaganda. To decide on how to tackle the ill effects of the propaganda, the first step would be to identify the maturity level of the propaganda campaign.
A propaganda campaign has four sequential stages.
  1. Exposure – Distribution of material, Making aware of the argument  The target group of the propaganda is aware of the allegations or criticisms stated by the propagandists against them. 
  2. Compel – Making one to respond   In this stage, the members of the target group are compelled to react and respond to the allegations hurled at them.
  3. Involve – Make some one to reinforce, reiterate or approve  As the propaganda becomes stronger, many groups in the target group start reinforcing the ideas, allegations or criticisms of the propagandists while making an attempt to respond to ward off the criticisms.
  4. Aambassadorial – Advocate, vouch   A member of the target group internalises the criticisms but continues to respond simultaneously – exhibit dichotomy in thoughts and actions
A propaganda becomes more successful as it proceeds from one stage to the next. It becomes more difficult to reverse the ill effects the propaganda in higher stages.

In India, there are two problems which are influenced by the sustained propaganda from a very long period of time. Here they are identified and the stage of the propaganda in each of these cases is assessed.

Propaganda against Varnashrama of Hinduism is going on atleast from last 400 years. Propaganda has already reached the 4th stage and we see many Hindus, especially socially active, vouching for the points raised by the anti Varnashrama propagandists. More number of Hindus reiterate and reinforce the allegations and conclusions about Varnashrama in a casusal way even while  addressing topics that are not directly related to Varnashrama in particular and Hinduism in general. Awareness about the allegation is so high (almost 100%) and internalisation of the allegations is so complete that most of the time, there will be no reactions / respose / discussions about these things.
Kashmir as a disputed land and Pakistan and China as parties to it has wider acceptance. Arguments in favor of India is less widely known compared to the arguments in favor of Pakistan. Response is typically high from official circles and it appears as if  there are few takers among the general public. Pakistani / Jihadi allegations against India are reinforced  in most of the discussions about Kashmir in India. The propaganda against Kashmir as integral part of India has reached third stage.

Marriage between a Hindu and non-Hindu under HMA not vaild: Delhi high court

The marriage between a Hindu and a non-Hindu solemnised as per the Hindu rites is neither valid nor the parties can claim any benefits under the Hindu Marriage Act (HMA), the Delhi high court has ruled.

The high court also held that “mere theoretical allegiance” to Hinduism would not make one a Hindu unless he or she had actually converted to the religion.


Indian role in Baluchistan unrest?

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has hit out at Indian Intelligence agencies saying that the RAW or Research and Analysis Wing is inciting violence in the Balochistan province of South-West Pakistan and is actively trying to foster anti-Pakistan sentiments in Afghanistan.

Musharraf, currently living in self-exile in Britain, repeated his claims that the involvement of India and Afghanistan in Balochistan is creating unrest in the Pakistani province. Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik has levelled similar allegations against India in the past but has never backed up his claims with proof.

Musharraf said Aug 26, 2006 military operation against 79-year-old tribal leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in Balochistan was justified as he had been creating trouble in the province. The operation resulted in the death of Bugti and several of his aides.

He alleged that Bugtis men of firing rockets on Sui, of occupying the hill features and firing rockets and weapons on the Frontier Corps. He also alleged that Bugtis men are blowing up the gas pipeline, the electric pylon, the railway line. Bugti’s grandson, Bramdagh Bugti, is currently living in Kabul and is received by agents of Indian intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing, when he goes to India. Indians finance him, give him weapons to create trouble.

India’s conduct on Balochistan was like an open book and that Pakistan had never provided any evidence on preposterous allegations. Sources also claimed that India desired peaceful & cordial relations with Pakistan all throughout.

Sources:      NDTV         Economictimes

US President Obama visits India


 Barack Obama, 44th president of America visited India in November 2010. He was the  6th U.S. President to visit India.  He addressed a joint session of the Parliament of India. In a major policy shift Obama declared U.S. support for India’s permanent membership of United Nations Security Council. Calling India-U.S. relationship a defining partnership of 21st century he also announced removal of export control restrictions on several Indian companies and concluded trade deals worth US$10 billion which are expected to create 50,000 jobs in the U.S. during this visit. In a joint statement Prime Minister Singh and President Obama concluded that their meeting is a historic milestone as they seek to elevate the India-U.S. strategic partnership to a new level for the benefit of their nations and the entire mankind.The visit was part of a 9 day trip to Asia which included stopovers in Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.

Obama was accompanied by a delegation of 200 business leaders. Business deals worth about US$15 billion. He announced removal of export control restrictions on India. Indian Space Research Organisation, Bharat Dynamics Limited and Defence Research and Development Organisation were among organizations removed from a U.S. list of restricted entities. Obama declared U.S. support for India’s permanent membership to the UN Security council.  USA also announced support for Indian membership in four multilateral non proliferation groups including Nuclear Suppliers Group, Wassenaar Arrangement, Australia Group and Missile Technology Control Regime saying that India had agreed to meeting requirements for membership of all groups. 

An MoU for cooperation in setting up a Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership, an MoU to establish a India-U.S. Energy Cooperation Program, an MoU on Shale Gas Resources and an MoU for the establishment and operation of a Global Disease Detection Center in India – were signed between US and India during his visit.

The visit was in response to an invitation extended by Indian Prime minister Manmohan Singh was announced by Obama in June 2010. Obama visit was aimed at increasing American exports to India and reducing barriers to Indian market. Quoting Max Müller Obama had said “Whatever sphere of the human mind you may select for your special study, whether it be language, or religion, or mythology, or philosophy, whether it be law or customs, primitive art or science, you have to go to India. Because, some of the most valuable and instructive material of the history of man are treasured up in India and India only.”




Green tribunal launched

India has launched National Green Tribunal, a special court to look into all environmental issues, replacing the existing Environment Appellate Authority. Former Supreme Court judge Lokeshwar Singh Panta became the first chairperson of the tribunal having four regional benches to function in the circuit mode. The tribunal will have 20 members who are experts in environmental sciences and will have power to issue directions for damages.

“Anybody and everybody can approach the Tribunal to claim civil damages arising out of inadequate implementation of environment laws,” environment minister Jairam Ramesh said.

via Green tribunal launched – Hindustan Times.