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Sulaiman Abu Ghaith buried in US prison alive

“I have not come here today to seek mercy and I would not seek mercy from anyone but God. Today, and at the same moment where you are shackling my hands and intend to bury me alive, you are at the same time unleashing the hands of hundreds of Muslim youths. And you are removing the dust of their minds. They will join the ranks of the free men soon and very soon the world will see the end of these theatre plays “

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, spokesperson of Al-Queda – 23rd September 2014 in a US court.




(From top to down: Photograph from a video, illustration of Ghaith in US custody, an image frame from a video statement by Al-Queda, illustration of trail)

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith is also son-in-law of Osama-Bin-Laden and a founder of Al Wafa al Igatha al Islamia, a charity that acts as a front for al Qaeda’s fund-raising.  The statement was made on Tuesday, 23rd September 2014 through an interpreter before US district judge Lewis Kaplan. Ghaith is a former imam and he chose Stanley Cohen, an orthodox Jewish and a high profile criminal US lawyer to defend him in the US court of law.  Minutes after he made the above statement, the judge Lewis Kaplan imposed the sentence of life in prison.  Earlier, Ghaith was convicted on terrorism charges.

American and European news agencies preferred illustrations of Sulaiman Abu Gahith and avoided real photographs. Some media channels just carried photos or illustrations of Osama-bin-Laden.  Most of the images available on internet are taken from the video footages released by Al-Queda as part of their statements.

US public opposed the lawyer Stanley Cohen who defended Ghaith.  Leaflets handed out near the Manhattan courthouse, where trial was conducted, describe the Jewish attorney as a “traitor” and an “enemy of Jews, Israel and America.” Similar fliers were distributed around his Lower East Side loft. Several family members of the victims of Sept 11 twin tower tragedy attended the trial.

Anatomy of communal riots in India -1

Communal riots is a serious problem faced by India from independence. It should be mentioned that communal riots were happening in India even before independence. But, for drawing concrete conclusions, post independence period is to be considered. As these conclusions could be applied to the periods before independence with little more effort.

Communal riots in India refers mainly to clashes between groups of people belonging to Hindu and Muslim communities. Approximately, Hindus are about 80% of the Indian population and Muslims are about 15% population. According to one official estimate, in the last decade, about 7000 communal riots were witnessed by India. More than 2000 people were killed in these incidents and the number of injured were many times more than this. More than 40 commissions of inquiry have been appointed to study major communal riots since independence and suggest solutions to the problem.

The problem is so familiar that everyone is aware of the dynamics of a riot, the culprits, the cause and the solution. Groups of people belonging to different communities engage in a clash over a petty issue – in many cases a fight between two individuals will turn as a clash between two groups and then as a clash between two communities. The culprits are communal elements belonging to two communities, selfish politicians, biased police and administration. The cause is the communal feelings of people provocated by vested elements by false propaganda and rumors. The solution being educating people to become less communal (religious), avoiding politicians and reforming police and administration to become sensitive to minority aspirations.

But, careful analysis of the above paragraph shows that it is vague and not actionable. This is precisely the reason why no additional social, legal, administrative measures have been taken in the last 7 decades to solve the problem of communal riots. There seems to be a reluctance, may be borne out of fear, to make a decisive move towards a solution. Even today, news papers report the communal incidents without revealing the identity of individuals, organizations involved in a communal riot. Administration hesitates to initiate strict legal measures against those who are involved in a riot. Even before the commencement of a riot, inputs from the police and intelligence will be consistently neglected. No one will be identified either by the police or by the courts as responsible for the killings in such riots. There will be no official version of precise sequence of events that led to violence. There will always be at least two versions of the stories, emanating from one of the groups nurtured by the official corners according to its convenience.

Although, the riots are being reported from nook and corners of the country at all times, there is not even one effort to identify root cause of the problem. No one is ready to go beyond the concrete wall of religion. No one is willing to ask reasonable questions about the religions involved or even to verify if there is really any connection between the religions of the groups involved in riots and root causes of the riot.

Some people are calling this attitude of ours as Secularism, some as Dhimmitude. Some are attributing it to majoritarian communalism and some to Sangh Parivar. But all of our thoughts, repetitions without any modifications, are inadequate so far and prove to be futile in the future.

Cong UPA break up – Logical climax of 2G strain?

It all started with PM defending Raja, Kapil Sibal saying no loss to Govt. exchequer. But, it was always known that Cong & DMK had to split after 2G. Seat sharing may be just an excuse, after all this is just for 3 extra seats. Either party probably wanted the same. Congress might want to venture TN like what it did in UP during general elections. May be  it would like to continue its damage control actions; show that it is trying to clean up its tainted image. At the same time DMK might also want to show that it does not accept to every action of Cong. It could not have done much in the case of Raja, but it can passively act by severeing the relation now. But the bottom line is all political parties act in the same way….Cong. or DMK or anyone else.. Their interest is at the helm & then the rest.

A press mee that wasn’t – by the PM

Though the Prime Minister did not reply to a journalist’s query of why he had convened his press meet for the electronic media editors, it was very obvious that it was a feeble attempt to correct his image, which during the past few months has taken a beating.

Most importantly, he made a statement which amounted to the following: In a coalition govt. compromises are necessary, though he felt uncomfortable with them. This is certainly unacceptable because, what is the compromise that he is talking about? Let his colleagues indulge in corruption, nepotism & dont act because it will bring the UPA govt. down?

One of the views is that, in the previous UPA govt. PM was supported by left & DMK. Congress was a weak party & would have collapsed without these parties’ support. Hence, PM did not act despite his cognizence on the matter. This is also confirmed  by statements of Arun Shourie last week. Now that the scams have come out one behind the other, he is trying to clean up the image. Readers may also remember that the Congress had got open support by Jayalalitha in case DMK pulls out its support. All this has prompted the PM to act against Raja this time while he knew the issues years ago. As a citizen, I would not feel comfortable to see even a personality like Dr. Manmohan Singh placing justice as the second priority to the power/prevention of the collapse of UPA Govt.

The Art of Remaining Poor

During the election campaigning in Bihar in October this year Rahul Gandhi, the heir
apparent of the Indian National Congress proudly claimed, “Aapki Congress party
gareebon ki party hai, aapki party hai.” [“Your Congress party is the party of the poor,
your party.”]

After 63 years of an independence that was hard fought, such a statement made with a
sense of pride seemed pathetic to me.

While it mirrors the reality we live in, it demonstrates the 63 years of deliberate,
orchestrated and cruel deprivation of a sixth of the world’s population. It reeks of the
sheer apathy and shamelessness of those that the man and woman on the street look
upon as redeemers. It talks of the thick skin all of us have developed…our leaders,
administrators, planners, implementers and benefactors. Otherwise, someone in the
crowd should have stood up and hurled a chappal in utter disgust. Or some editor
would have used the pen [or keyboard] to prise open some very bare and basic

Rahul Gandhi is playing the old divisive game

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi’s assessment of terrorism in India, which was shared with US ambassador Timothy Roemer, has now found its way into the public domain, thanks to WikiLeaks.

What is of real concern is that Gandhi, who claims he wants to change a few things in the party structure and thinking, has trapped himself in the party’s post-Independence mindset, which was both wrong and opportunist.

The Congress felt that Muslim communalism, which has now mutated, in some instances, into Islamic terrorism, could unleash Hindu terrorism. Majority communalism could also turn into terrorism.

Will sick pseudo- secularists stop running down religion? – M.V. Kamath

[media.syndicate summary]

Lists barbaric acts of Muslim invaders to India and provides a reason why such past incidents are to be remembered. Lists the negative contributions of those who claim to be practicing Secularism. Draws comaprison between Hindu rulers and Muslim kings like Aurangazeb and Tipu. He argues that India was great from time immemorial. Criticises imperialism of China.  He concludes that India often has not got recognition what it desrved because of the sick attitude of Pseudosecularists.


[media.syndicate paraphrasing]

Barbarians from Central Asia and elsewhere mounted assault after assault on India. Some foreigners have recorded their observations. 

Most of the Hindus “ utterly cowed down” by the Portuguese who looked down on them “ with disdain” and denied them the right even to wear shoes!

                Sudhi Kakar in his book The Crimson Throne refering  to a diary maintained by an Italian traveller who  came to India in the 17th Century to Goa.


Hindus were treated abominably. Hindus were insulted by the Muslims under Mughal rule in various occassions in many ways. “ There are five or six idolaters for every Mohammadan” “the mohammadans rightly despise the idolaters as a naive and primitive people” “It is astonishing to see how this enormous multitude has allowed itself to be subjected by so small a number of Mohammadan princes”

                Francois Bernier, a French visitor and Italian traveller Niccoleo Menucci


In the course of his third attack in 1757 Ahmed Shah Abdali destroyed the holy city of Mathura. The Jesuit Tieffenthaler described the event. “ They burnt the houses together with the inmates, slaughtering others with the sword and the lance, hauling off into captivity maiden and youths. In the temples they slaughtered cows and smeared the images and pavements with blood”

                Meenakshi Jain’s Parallel Pathways: Essays on Hindu- Muslim Relations ( 1707- 1857).


Just to celebrate the marriage of his son, Tipu Sultan,  in “ a piece of contemptible, fanatical and tyrannical despotism, he compelled 1,00,000 of his defenseless Hindu subjects to embrace Mahamotism on the same day”. Even Christians were not spared of his intolerance which led to the extermination of a total of 40,000 souls. Scores and scores of temples were destroyed or desecrated during Islamic rule in India.

                 James Bristow, a British historian

Hindu kings have not invaded Afghanistan or Central Asia to destroy mosques. They have not raped Muslim women. No Hindu ruler has gone to Portugal or Spain, destroyed Churches and converted Christians into Hinduism on pain of death. Hindus have a pretty clean record.

Aurangazeb is generally regarded as a despicable character. But many others like Tipu Sultan, who are respected generally, have carried out barbaric attrocities on Hindus.  

Why should these events be recalled? Why can’t we let bygones be bygones? The answer is simple:

a.     Pseudosecularists has been running down Hindus and giving them a sense of guilt

b.     Our history books are bland. Textbook writers conveniently omit Islamic misdeeds lest they are dammed as communalists.  Psedo- secularists won’t even accept the ` fact’ that the Babri Masjid was built on the very   site where a huge structure dedicated to Sri Ram existed and which has destroyed.

c.     Hindus have invariably been at the other end of the stick  – pseudo- secularists want deliberately destroy the self respect of Hindus by constantly condemning them as              communalists, when they would rather forget all the suffering they have undergone in the past under alien         rulers.

d.     Hindus are damned to eternity. Hindus would rather forget the humiliation that they have suffered in the past and move on, but our pseudo              secularists are making it difficult for them. Just for asking that one place the Ram Janmabhoomi be cleared                 of an illegally constructed Masjid, Hindus are damned to eternity.

e.     Faith is questioned – Let them question the faith of Muslims and Christians and they will know what they will get back in return.

India, it is said, is on its way to be a Great Power. There is no such thing as India is ‘ on its way’. India, even under centuries of tyrannous rule has always been great because India is more than a state: It is a civilization, which has helped it to maintain its place under the most trying circumstances. We don’t have to aspire for greatness. Let us aspire for goodness. We Indians aspire for nobody’s land and only want to be left alone.

China which is aspiriring to be great is proving itself to be a worse imperialist country than Britain was in its heyday. China is today’s imperial power and Pakistan is the running dog of Chinese imperialism.

We can achieve wonders and in many ways we have. But which country in the world can put up a show such as we did at the inauguration of Commonwealth Games?

True, so much needs to be done, but Rome, its is said, was not built in a day. But our Army engineers set right a broken bridge in Delhi associated with the Commonwealth Games in just four days. There is poverty in the land and don’t our home- grown enemies make so much of it? Still at the national level we are a thriving nation.

Yes, there is corruption in the land but we admit to it and seek to rectify it. In tribal areas, much injustice has been done but there is a growing awareness of it among the people at large and a desire to make amends. Our goal is to achieve equality among all Indians.

We don’t have to be apologetic to anyone for anything. We will overcome our shortcomings as we have done so often in the past to become, not necessarily a Great Nation, but a Good people with an open heart, ready to forget a painful past, ready to work with all people irrespective of their religion, to build an India of our dreams. That is Hindutwavad, if out pseudo- secularists want to know.

It is said, but if there are just two idiots in Bollwood films there are two thousand of that variety in our pseudo- secular society. Indian pseudo-secularists are sick. They revel in running down their own religion and their own country. The more they run down their ancient culture, the more they feel self fulfilled.  Because of this sick attitude, India often has not got recognition what it desrved.  We can build an even greater India if only our pseudo- secularists do not constantly pull us down by our legs. They need to be called to order and the sooner, the better.

Source: Will sick pseudo- secularists stop running down religion? – M.V. Kamath

RSS unable to challenge Hooliganism and Goonda Raj of the Congress

[media.syndicate summary]

samAlochaka writes on Sudarshan episode. Is it the same samAlochaka who was writing in our blogs some time back? samAlochaka says – SP lacks tactical finesse and Congress, ability to manage itself to civic behavior.

[media.syndicate paraphrasing]

After Sudarshan’s remark against Sonia Gandhi and the subsequent fallout of congress hooliganism, it became further obvious that:

  1. Sangh Parivar (SP) lacks strategic/tactical finesse
  2. Congress, just like the Communists,  officially resort to hooliganism.
  3. Despite constitutional guarantees, there is no “freedom of speech” in this country except for those who want to paint Hindu goddesses in the nude, or those who proclaim from the dais their support for secessionist forces.


Let us consider the above developments:

In response to Congress attack, besides organizing protests, SP (RSS+BJP) should have brought in libel charges against those who made the remarks.. Recall that they (SP) had failed to react appropriately against even the “Maut ke Saudagar” remark on Narendra Modi by Sonia Gandhi.

The remarks by Sudarshan are his rights to exercise “freedom of speech”. Either they are his opinions, to which he is entitled, or he made allegations, which he can at best be forced to defend in a court of law.

Congress by “threatening” has actually committed an offense of “hate speech” amounting to incitement of violence, and whoever from Congress committed this must be tried for “hate speech”. If congress has not disowned it as yet, then Congress has to be charged for being an accomplice. Further, Sonia Gandhi being the Head of congress Party must be held responsible and should be tried.

Even if RSS and BJP (SP) do not agree with Sudarshan’s remarks, they must stand by him for his RIGHT to say what he feels like, and his RIGHT (and Obligation) to defend his remarks.

Let’s list out a few examples under various categories:

(I)            Tactlessness of  RSS/BJP

  1. Golwalkar’s praising of the Prophet in his book.
  2. AB Vajpeyee praised Indira Gandhi as Durga
  3. LK Advani “regretted” demolition of the structure in Ayodhya.
  4. The goof by Bangaru Laxman during the sting operation conducted by Tehelka.
  5. The Jinnah episode demonstrating the hypocrisy and stupidity of LK Advani, stupidity of Jaswant Singh.
  6. Election debacle in 2009 showing stupidity of Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj.
  7. Sushma Swaraj belittling Narendra Modi to appease Nitish Kumar.
  8. Sushma Swaraj meddling in Karnataka affairs. If she has any brains, she should apply where it is needed not to destabilize BJP’s own government merely to settle ego-scores.
  9. Unmanliness of B S Yeddyruyappa while handling the first crisis in his government in Karnataka.
  10. SP (RSS/BJP) never question the principles of “Secularism”, “Socialism”, “father of the nation” status of Mohandas, and undeserving hallowed status of Jawahar. Rather they term themselves “Truly Secular”, “Socialist”, reverential towards Mohandas, and admiring towards Jawahar.
  11. Similarly there has been no questioning of Obama’s remark absolving Islam of the guilt of terror.
  12. Unpardonable injustice done to Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharti, and possibly scores of “dedicated workers” who sacrificed a lot for BJP.

(II)          Absence of Rule of Law during Congress Regimes

  1. Dilly dallying in the hanging of Afzal Guru, the reasons being cited as “fear of probable law and order problems!”.
  2. Anti-Sikh riots of 1984 which were orchestrated by Congress leaders, executed by Muslims, and were “strategically” portrayed as Hindu-Sikh riots!


Always remember that for Hindus Congress is a non-hindu party, but whenever Congress has any fight with non-hindus, it portrays the conflict as hindu-non-hindu conflict.

(III)         Inverted Freedom of Speech in this country

  1. MF Hussein and Arundhati Roy being given protection while Sudarshan being harrassed. Protection to nude paintings of Hindu goddesses, but pressure applied on Google to remove a video clip showing a Mohandas look-alike doing pole dancing.
  2. Congress leaders openly issuing violent threats while a senior citizen is being hounded for expressing his opinion about another mortal!


(IV)        Hooliganism and Goonda Raj of Congress

Congress has always shown itself to be a collection of unruly and uncouth brigands masquerading as politicians headed by the traitorous Nehru-Gandhi family.

  1. Dilly dallying in the hanging of Afzal Guru, the reasons being cited as “fear of probable law and order problems!”.
  2. Anti-Sikh riots of 1984 which were orchestrated by Congress leaders, executed by Muslims, and were “strategically” portrayed as Hindu-Sikh riots!
  3. Support for Mulayam Singh’s 1990 massacre of Kar Sevaks.
  4. Corruption e.g. Bofors and so on.
  5. Complete disregard for the Rule of Law during Emergency period.


(V)          Unmanliness of BJP Leadership

  1. Bangaru Laxman goofing during the Tehelka sting-operation.
  2. BS Yeddyruyappa crying during the previous Karnataka crisis.
  3. ABV/LKA/BJP regretting 1992 demolition.


These are surely truncated lists! Nevertheless they suffice now for the purpose of demonstrating the claims in the present context.

And so what’s the moral of the story? It is high time that Hindus demanded a separate state for them. If there are Islamic countries, Christian countries and what not, then why not a Hindu country as well? And note that we take Hinduism = Hindu-Way-Of-Life = Sanatana Dharma.

Reproduced from samAlochaka

SC could have prevented Babri demolition – Ahmadi

Ex Chief Justice AhmadiFormer Chief Justice of India A. M. Ahmadi on Saturday expressed the opinion that the Supreme Court could have acted to prevent the December 6, 1992, demolition of the Babri Masjid.

Mr. Ahmadi said this at a seminar on “Ayodhya Judgment: Civil Society Response” organised by the Institute of Objective Studies here. He pointed out that the then Attorney-General Milon Banerjee had repeatedly urged the two-judge Bench of Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah and Justice G.N. Ray to consider appointing the Central Government as the receiver of the land where kar seva was to be performed to foreclose the possibility of demolition. Mr. Banerjee told the Court he had definite information that the mosque was about to be demolished. “Instead, the Court passed an order allowing a symbolic kar seva. Had that order not been passed, the mosque would have been standing today,” said Justice Ahmadi. He also faulted the Court for handing out a “one-day simple imprisonment” to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kalyan Singh.

Justice Ahmadi was part of the five-judge Bench of the Supreme Court that heard the one-line Presidential reference on Ayodhya. The question was whether a Hindu temple or any other structure pre-existed at the site where the mosque stood. Recalling the reference, Justice Ahmadi said: “We we

via The Hindu : Today’s Paper News : Supreme Court could have prevented Babri demolition, says ex-Chief Justice Ahmadi.