Language policy for India

Languages of Indian origin having a script are to be considered in the list of official Indian languages. India to have a national language. One or more of the languages of non-Indian origin are considered as Link languages.

Regional language policy
The State to have one official language and one or more than one second official language. The original official documentation of the State to be in the official language of the State. The State can also generate / translate the official documentation in one or more second official languages of the State. Communication of the State with the central government would be through the official language of the state, or through one of the second official language of the state or through the link language.

Communication between two States is recommended to be through one of the official languages of any of the two States or one of the second languages of any of the two States. The communication between any two States can also happen through the Link language or through the National language.

The communication of State governments with foreign entities requires use of one or more of the Link languages. When ever the link language is used, the documentation should also be made available in the National language. A link language is not an official or a second official language of the State.

National language policy
Central government to generate content in atleast one of the official languages for internal purposes. At least one of the link language is used for external purposes. Whenever, a link language is used, the content is also provided in the national language.

Implementation details
Language departments at the State level and at the Central government level are to be established to handle all language requirements. The Language deparments would generate content in the official languages, national language, and link languages and translate the content from one language to the other in an efficient way. The language deparments would also promote official languages listed in the eigth schedule to the Constitution in a systematic way.

Strategies to promote Indian languages

  •  Official language to be made mandatory in Education system at primary level
  •  Langugage related job creation in a systematic way.
  •  Patent publications in at least one of the official languages before the grant stage.
  •  Effective teaching of at least one link language to the students during the course of education.
  • Audio, video and textual translations to be made available in national and official languages.
  • Linguistic groups and regions to be introduced within the state for effective management of languages.

Link languages include English and other EU languages, Persian, Japanese, Korean, Arab and Chinese. National language is Sanskrit.

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