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Christianity is a faith aligned to the teachings of Jesus Christ – as presented in canonical gospels, in old testament and in new testament.  There are various versions of Christianity based on the authority that interpret the gospels and the teachings of the Jesus Christ.  Christianity began as a Jewish sect and soon witnessed a rapid expansion.  In the 11th century, a schism within the Christian following created Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.  In 16th century, another schism created a reformist movement within the Roman Catholic Church and Protestantism came into existence. In India, Christianity and its various denominations were introduced with Colonialism.  Today,  about 5% of the population in India are officially Christians.  Christian institutions play a dominant role in Indian public affaris.  This page provides

 1. Updates about Christianity, especially relevant to India.

2.  Discuss proselytization in the context of a multicultural society.

3.  Provides an understanding of colonialization and its effects on Indian society.


This page is a first landing on the web on Christianity from Indian perspective


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