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Islam is a synonym for peace for many of its followers and is being used as a synonym for violence by Western powers USA and European countries.   This resource – page is an effort to syndicate and explore resources related to the theme Islam.  In India, more than 15% of the population follow Islam – Shia, Sunni, and Sufi among many other versions.  Discussion about secularism and social harmony revolves around Islamic communiy.  Kashmir, and Communal violence and other security discussions have sustained controversies around Islam and Muslim community.  This page strives towards

 1. Provide clearer understanding of followers of Islam and their critics.

2.  Promote peace, and social harmony in Indian subcontinent.

3. Provide pointers to quality web sources related to Islam.


This page is a first landing on the web on Islam from Indian perspective


ISLAM – Wikipedia

ISLAM – BBC Religions

ISLAM – list of websites

ISLAM – Watch

QURAN – Explorer

 Rational Islam



Ramadan  Oath for promoting peace

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