Misconceptions about Maoists

Leftists represent poor underprivilaged, and deprived class
Leftist does not represent poor or underprivilaged. Poverty and underdevelopment is cited to blame the establishment (and government) and to created a wedge in the system. The left/Naxals/Maoist does not offer any real solutions. Suspicion is sown, hatred is generated, and intolerant attitudes are developed among the poor and underprivilaged against the Rich, Brahmins, and the powerful. – they drive their followers into a complex situation of no return.

Poor and deprived eventually take up arms
Poor people are almost always weak and they are not inclined to take up arms even when they are deprived of their legitimate share. The argument that poor are exploited by others in the past, such an exploitation is continuing in the present, and would continue in the future – is a simplistic argument. But it an easy and effective way of inciting a section of the society. This argument is also used to condition the minds of people to indulge in violence and to face (or support) violent ways of leftsts.

Violence is a natural reaction to poverty, and underdevelopment
Hardwork, diligence, and sincerity are natural reactions of a person who is sincere to overcome poverty and underdevelopment. Violence is not possible when there is no freedom. When freedom is present, to the extent of expressing disagreement, violence is an indirect method without any assured success to overcome poverty and underdevelopment. Violence is an artificial solution offered by Leftists to overcome poverty.

State can be replaced by means of revolution (organized violence)
A modern state, like India, is very powerful to be displaced by organized violence. The resource available to the state is not comparable to meagre resources of Lefitsts. Maoist liberated systems can be a constant irritation and bleeding grounds – but they will not be able to provide an alternative to the state.

Rich, Brahmins, landlords, or powerful are natural enemies of Leftists
Leftist system can not eliminate Rich, Brahmins, landlords and powerful. If and when they acquire power, leftists will become rich, landlords and powerful.  Brahmins, are hated symbolically by Communists Рmany of the top leaders are from Brahmin community.

Leftist oppositon to theism, and meta physical philosophical thoughts is an indication of their intellectual honesty
Theism and meta physical philosophical thoughts may not be immediately relevant for a person who is hungry. But, saying that they are tools of exploitation or irrational is an utter foolishness. Leftist oppositon to God and religion is not rooted in rationalism. They view religion as a diversion in their urgency to establishing a dictatorship of their own version. Leftists are confused about religious concepts, and basically not concerned about certain walks of life. The attitude emanating by a partial outlook should not be interpreted as an intellectual honesty. (it is intellectual banckruptcy)

Socialism is an answer to capitalism
Socialism is a diluted (or distorted version of Communism). Socialism in India has become a fashionable political term. Politicians have retained the self-proclaimed pro poor representation and removed violent aspects of communism including revolution leading to blood bath. But, sufficient home work has not gone into the socialism – so it works in democracy, accepts capitalism, and attempts to achieve welfare. Socialism may be best described as a set of half baked romantic ideas – without any idelogical footing. It can never be an answer to the capitalism. It has already become subservient to Captialism.

Socialism is aimed at equitable wealth distribution
Socialism may have wealth distribution as its main objective. But, it can not even attempt to do a decent job in this direction. This is because, socialism is based on anti capitalistic, anti Brahmin, and anti rich, and sometimes, anti developmental agenda.

Communism is scientific
Science and religion are ineherntly opposed to each other in the western society. Communism is opposed to (Christian) religion by design and claims to be scientific in its approach. Socialism and all other shades of communism continue the same claim – that they are scientific. In fact, Communism is as scientific as any other political idelology.

Communism, leftist and socialist idelogies are atleast good intended
Intentions of not only communists, but also all others including religious, rich and powerful is good. Intentions alone is not sufficient to achieve good results. Understanding of true values, compliance towards them, approach taken contribute significantly in achieving good results. Communism has faulty understanding about the value system, and have adopted wrong approaches. Communism and thier variants can not be stated as good intended.

Duplicity kills Sarabjit Singh

Duplicity of Pak officials and religious bigots of Pakistan were responsible for killing of Sarabjit of India.

Sarabjit Singh, who has died from his injuries after being attacked in a Pakistani prison, was convicted of spying and sentenced to death in 1991.  According to Pakistan, his real name was Manjit Singh and was involved in the 1990 bomb attacks in Lahore and Faisalabad in which 14 people died. But his family have always insisted on his innocence. They say he was a farmer who strayed into Pakistan by mistake while drunk and that he is the victim of mistaken identity.

Born in 1964, native of Bhikhiwind in Tarn Taran district near the border with Pakistan, Sarabjit dropped out of school and worked on farms to support his family. He was playing kabaddi was also a very good wrestler who had no match in the region. Singh was farming a field close to the Pakistan border on the day he crossed over to Pakistan. After work, Sarabjit crossed over to Pakistan, possibly in an inebriated state. His trial was unfair and he confessed under torture. His lawyers at the time also failed to appear for the hearing. It is believed that he was caught up in the political manoeuvrings of Delhi and Islamabad. He was prosecuted and convicted in English – when he speaks only Punjabi and Urdu – and there are other serious questions over the fairness of his trial, including allegations that he was tortured in custody and forced to confess.
Sarabjit Singh’s family in India was given little access to him when he was alive – his sister Dalbir Kaur was allowed by the Lahore High Court to meet him in jail in June 2011 and that was only the second time he was allowed a visit. The meeting duration was about 90 minutes during which he enquired about his wife, two daughters, neighbors and relatives. The two exchanges presents. While Ms. Kaur tied Rakhi, Sarbjit wept and as a return gift, he gave her a bangle which he had made in jail.

After the hanging of Afzal Guru in India, militants in Pakistan posed a threat to the life of Sarabjit. Duplicity of law enforcing agencies and religious institutions was on cards. He was attacked with bricks by inmates in Lahore’s jail. Careful observers of attitude of Islamic intolerants are not surprised by the attack. Sarabjit Singh fell into a coma after Friday’s (26th April 2013) attack in Lahore’s Jinnah hospital and died on Thursday morning. After the killing of Sarabjit, his lawyer Awais Sheikh was being followed and harassed. A CID official had tried to kidnap Awais a day before the death of Sarabjit Singh. His family has been receiving threatening phone calls and letters from individuals who claim to be Taliban.

Meanwhile a Pakistani prisoner, Sanaullah Haq, suffered critical head injuries after he was attacked by a fellow inmate at the high-security Kot Bhalwal jail in Jammu, in Jammu and Kashmir. He has been admitted to intensive care at a Jammu hospital and doctors say he is in a coma. Sanaullah detonated bombs at electric towers and government buildings in Jammu and Kashmir in 1990. He was sentenced to eight years imprisonment by a Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA) and Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) court in 2008. Haq has been in prison for the past 17 years. The attack happened on Friday morning after an argument between Haq and Vinod Kumar, a former soldier. The attack could be a logical reaction to the killing of Sarabjit if not a planned retaliat on by India. It is reported that Sanaullah cited Sarabjit during a quarrel with Vinod Kumar which enraged him to initiate the attack.