Ram Mandir in Pakistan demolished

Shri Rama Pir Mandir of Karachi city was demolished illegally on 1st December 2012 at the behest of real estate builders and government officials with the support of local people. The demolition has generated fear and insecurity among Hindus and forced them to continue in Pakistan as second class citizens.

Four men entered the Hindu temple with their shoes. When devout Hindus protested, they were beatenup and abused them as Bhangi (sweeper) and Kafir (infidel). Laxman, one of those who tried to defend the temple is partially paralysed by stroke due to the assault.

A terrorised Hindu protestor of Pakistan

The men put the statues and tridents from the temple out on the ground. Then a bulldozer reduced the pre-partition Shri Rama Pir Mandir to rubble. A number of houses in the compound were also demolished, rendering around a dozen families homeless. They even pried opened the donation box and took away the cash and jewellery, the residents alleged.

Eye witnesses have confirmed that some bearded men associated with a political party oversaw the destruction. The real estate builders and government officials, who flouted court orders and destroyed a religious site. Workers paricipated in the demolition disrespected the idols of Hindu deities placed inside the temple. The builder physically hurt some members of the minority.

Hundreds of people from the Hindu community staged a peaceful rally from Doli Khata, Soldier Bazaar, to the Karachi Press Club to protest against the demolition of the Shri Rama Pir Mandir. The protestors demanded that the government immediately restore the temple with all its dignity.The President of the Schedule Caste Federation Pakistan, Kalidas Khandara is one of the leaders advocating restoration of temple.

Ramapir Mandir was restored by the government in the year 2000, which went to show that the place of worship was not only registered, but received government grants as it was a deserving heritage site

Hindus of Pakistan rush to courts whenever there is a threat to their temple. In 2012, three Hindu temples have been attacked. There seems to be no stipulated policy for preserving Hindu temples. Official double standards against Hindus is blatant. People coming from outside and building shanty towns in Karachi get lease permissions but Hindus living in Karachi for more than a century are denied of official permits.

Many Hindu families of Pakistan had already migrated to India due to persecution and humiliation at the hands of fundamentalists.