American actress Susan Sarandon calls Pope Benedict a Nazi

Susan Sarandon, a famous American actress, has identified Pope Benedict XVI as a Nazi.  Recently, on on October 15, 2011, She was interviewed at the Hampton Film Festival venue by a fellow actor Bob Balaban. Sarandon was  discussing her lead role in the movie Dead Man Walking. The film was based on the book written by Sister Helen Prejean, which

Susan Sarandon

condemns putting convicts on death row. During the interview, Sarandon said –“ I sent the book to the last one; not this Nazi we have now”.  Balaban tried to lighten the mood, by gently chiding the actress for making such an outrageous remark. Nevertheless Sarandon stood her ground and repeated the statement.

It is known that the current Pope was once a part of the Hitler Youth Group in his teenage years. He is criticized for his non apologetic attitude towards  his past association. In recent years, Pope Benedict is also criticized for his role in failing to stop child abuse by the Catholic priests.  Expectedly, the Church and other Catholic institutions havestrongly reacted to statement by Susan Sarandon.  

Susan Sarandon is an American born actress, who rose to fame after she portrayed a lead role in the movie Dead Man Walking, which was filmed in 1995. She in fact won the best actress award for the film. She is a noted film performer, and has been nominated 4 times for the Best Actress award.  She has also made her mark in the socio-political scene, and has given her support to many social causes.

Sarandon was born in New York City to a Roman Catholic family. In 1969, Sarandon attended a casting call for the movie Joe, along with her then –husband Chris Sarandon. She was selected to play the role of a teenager, who takes to wayward ways. Between 1970 to 1972, Sarandon enacted a role in a soap opera. In 1974 she played a major role in the movie the Front page. Round about the same year she played a role opposite Robert Redford in the movie The Great Waldo Pepper. In 1979, she enacted the role of the mother of a child prostitute played by Brooke Shields in the movie Pretty Baby. Between 1980 and 1990 she starred in many films like The Hunger, The Witches of Eastwick, Bull Durham, and A Dry White Season. Sarandon has been nominated 5 times for the Academy Award for best actress, for her portrayal of roles in Atlantic City, Thelma and Louise, Lorenzo’s Oil, and The Client. She won the Award for the movie Dead man Walking. In 1994 she was awarded the “Women in Film Crystal Award”. She continues to successfully portray a variety of roles till today.

In 2006, Sarandon won acclamation for her active socio-political participation. She received the award “Action against Hunger”.  She was honored for her work as a good will ambassador for UNICEF.

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