Osama Bin Laden killed by US government

A small team of U.S. operatives launched a targeted assault’ on a compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad where months of intelligence work had established that Mr. Bin Laden was living. Mr. Bin Laden was killed after a firefight, and the troops took custody of his body. The president of America had authorized the attack on bin Laden’s compound after he determined last week there was enough intelligence to take action. The location of the Pakistani compound where Bin Laden was hiding was confirmed last week, and he gave to order to proceed with the military operation against Bin Laden on Sunday morning.

Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on March 10, 1957, Osama bin-Laden was member of a wealthy family with close ties to the Saudi royal family. His parents divorced a year after he was born and he lived with his mother who had married another rich businessman Muhammad al-Attas. He had three half-brothers and one half-sister. His father Muhammed bin Laden was killed in 1967 in an aircraft crash. He attended an elite secular school till 1976 and studied economics and business administration at King Abdulaziz university in Saudi Arabia. Some reports said he dropped out of the university and pursued his interest in religion which turned him into his crusade for Jihad or religious war.
He had married four women as of 2002 and had more than 20 children. He participated in the Jihadi struggle against soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Later he established Al Qaeda, a militant underground organization to protect Islamic culture from the non-Islamic influences and to dominate the world with Islamic rule. He planned and executed 9/11 attacks on America and immediately after that went into to hiding to evade the arrest. Still he helped shape Al Qaeda’s strategy and was threatened with more attacks on US interests.

Abbottabad is situated about 60 kilometres north-east of the capital Islamabad adjacent to Pakistan military academy. He was hiding in a big house custom built to protect a high valued target. The operation started just after midnight and continued for an hour. It was conducted by U.S. special forces . Three helicopters dropped US navy Seals on the house where Osama was hiding. Two planes were flying overhead providing protection and communication support. Security men, specially trained for counter terrorism operations, forcibly entered the house. Osama Bin Laden was traced and shot in the chest and later in the head. Along with Osama, his Son, three other persons including a woman were killed in the operation. Wife of Osama was shot in the leg. No civilians or American soldiers were injured during the mission. US special operations forces took custody of Bin Laden’s body and DNA testing has confirmed his identity. Then the body was taken out of the Pakistan border by helicopters to a war ship. Body was washed and final rites were conducted in accordance with the Islamic traditions and was buried in the sea. Highly sophisticated weapons, vehicles, tools and techniques were deployed by the US in this operation.

A trusted courier of Osama Bin Laden, whom American spies had been hunting for years, was finally located in a sprawling mansion in Abottabad. The compound was so secure, so large, that American officials guessed it was built to hide someone far more important than a mere courier. Americans initiated an intelligence work that continued for eight months before confirming the presence of Osama in the building. US president Barak Obama relied on the intelligence and signed a presidential order to kill Osama in a foreign land. US army initiated a secret mission, even without the knowledge of Pakistan government establishment to eliminate Osama Bin Laden.

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