Cong UPA break up – Logical climax of 2G strain?

It all started with PM defending Raja, Kapil Sibal saying no loss to Govt. exchequer. But, it was always known that Cong & DMK had to split after 2G. Seat sharing may be just an excuse, after all this is just for 3 extra seats. Either party probably wanted the same. Congress might want to venture TN like what it did in UP during general elections. May be  it would like to continue its damage control actions; show that it is trying to clean up its tainted image. At the same time DMK might also want to show that it does not accept to every action of Cong. It could not have done much in the case of Raja, but it can passively act by severeing the relation now. But the bottom line is all political parties act in the same way….Cong. or DMK or anyone else.. Their interest is at the helm & then the rest.

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