A press mee that wasn’t – by the PM

Though the Prime Minister did not reply to a journalist’s query of why he had convened his press meet for the electronic media editors, it was very obvious that it was a feeble attempt to correct his image, which during the past few months has taken a beating.

Most importantly, he made a statement which amounted to the following: In a coalition govt. compromises are necessary, though he felt uncomfortable with them. This is certainly unacceptable because, what is the compromise that he is talking about? Let his colleagues indulge in corruption, nepotism & dont act because it will bring the UPA govt. down?

One of the views is that, in the previous UPA govt. PM was supported by left & DMK. Congress was a weak party & would have collapsed without these parties’ support. Hence, PM did not act despite his cognizence on the matter. This is also confirmed  by statements of Arun Shourie last week. Now that the scams have come out one behind the other, he is trying to clean up the image. Readers may also remember that the Congress had got open support by Jayalalitha in case DMK pulls out its support. All this has prompted the PM to act against Raja this time while he knew the issues years ago. As a citizen, I would not feel comfortable to see even a personality like Dr. Manmohan Singh placing justice as the second priority to the power/prevention of the collapse of UPA Govt.

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