RSS writes letter to PM

Sarkaryawah (working chief) of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Suresh (Bhayya) Joshi has written a letter to Prime Minister of India on 9th February 2011 and has requested a meeting at a mutually convenient time to discuss this issue.

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention the deliberate attempts to distort, even pervert and politicise, the ongoing investigations into the bomb blasts at Malegaon. Ajmer and Hyderabad and to cast false aspersions on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh [RSS].

A single fact in the Government’s hands will nail this lie. The Maharashtra ATS [MATS] has evidence in its possession to show that the accused in the Malegaon blast case, Col Purohit and Dayanand Pandey, were, simultaneously plotting to eliminate Shri Mohanrao Bhagwat, the then Sarkaryavah – General Secretary – of the RSS (currently the Sarsanghachalak), and a senior RSS leader Shri indresh Kumar. At the time of the Malegaon investigations, a senior Maharashtra ATS official had informed one of our prominent leaders about this conspiracy by the above mentioned Malegaon accused. Yet, some elements in the investigative agencies have been trying to club the RSS with those very same people who were plotting against it. The fundamental question that arises, but not addressed, is: how could the RSS be bracketed with those who were viciously hostile to it and conspiring to kill its leaders?

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