Tri-Valley gave its students a 20% cut to lure buddies: Report

Students in Tri-Valley University apparently got a 20% cut from the sham varsity for every admission they facilitated: The commission was lucrative as it was calculated on the tuition fee (approx Rs 8 lakh) of the fresher.

Moreover, many from Andhra Pradesh had taken a circuitous route to Tri-Valley — first joining another varsity and then landing up at the fake varsity, lured probably by its offer of instant employment.

These findings figure in the detailed report submitted by the NRI cell (at the Secretariat) to chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy. As per the report, a majority of the Indian students had moved to Tri-Valley from other universities. It also states that only a little more than 100 students who had obtained visas from US Consulates in India were Tri-Valley bound, indicating that most with F-1 visas were going to other universities.

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