Passengers overpower would-be hijacker on Turkish Airlines flight

A man on a Turkish Airlines flight claimed to have a bomb and threatened to enter the cockpit as the plane approached Istanbul Wednesday, but was tackled and subdued by other passengers, according to reports.

The would-be hijacker, identified as 40-year old Cuma Yasar, was wearing a ski mask and had demanded that the plane return to Oslo, Norway, says a report by CNN.

He was arrested after the plane landed at Ataturk International Airport, and police found no explosives on him.

“I was sitting at the front end of the plane and I heard voices at the back of the plane around 30 minutes before we landed,” Lelya Kilic, one of 59 passengers aboard, told Reuters. “I saw a fight between passengers and a man with a mask, carrying a device that looked like a radio handset.”

Passengers Firat Faysal Ali and Dag Gjerstad tackled Yasar and kept him subdued, CNN says. Yasar had an identification card for the handicapped and suffers a mental illness, it says.