The Art of Remaining Poor

During the election campaigning in Bihar in October this year Rahul Gandhi, the heir
apparent of the Indian National Congress proudly claimed, “Aapki Congress party
gareebon ki party hai, aapki party hai.” [“Your Congress party is the party of the poor,
your party.”]

After 63 years of an independence that was hard fought, such a statement made with a
sense of pride seemed pathetic to me.

While it mirrors the reality we live in, it demonstrates the 63 years of deliberate,
orchestrated and cruel deprivation of a sixth of the world’s population. It reeks of the
sheer apathy and shamelessness of those that the man and woman on the street look
upon as redeemers. It talks of the thick skin all of us have developed…our leaders,
administrators, planners, implementers and benefactors. Otherwise, someone in the
crowd should have stood up and hurled a chappal in utter disgust. Or some editor
would have used the pen [or keyboard] to prise open some very bare and basic

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