Yedyurappa survives because of contradictions witthin BJP

Karnataka Chief Minister B.S.Yedyurappa was expected to resign under the directions of BJP high command after the allegations of land scams in the state. But BJP decided to continue Yedyrappa. “After consultation with party leaders, the party has decided Yeddyurapp a will continue as the chief minister of Karnataka,” party spokesperson Prakash Javadekar told reporters.

Following are the main reasons for the surprise decision.

Ananth Kumar, Yeddyurappa’s political rival within the party, was hopeful of grabbing the CM’s seat in the recent turmoil. However, it is now being alleged that he tried to sabotage Yeddyurappa’s post with the help of H D Devegowda-led JD (S). The party leadership is apparently irate and has chided Kumar for his behaviour. According to sources in the party, the Yeddyurappa camp has convinced the high command about Kumar’s allegiance with JD(S) boss H D Deve Gowda, who had allegedly engineered the political coup to topple Yeddyurappa. While majority of the MPs from Karnataka supported BSY, only two MPs supported Ananth Kumar. It is said that Ananth Kumar received a dressing down from the national leaders.

Devegowda and his sons are waiting for an opportunity to come to the center stage of state politics. BSY is the only leader in BJP who is capable of tackling him politically. BSY is also considered as the best person to deal with Reddy brothers of BJP. This is the reason why leaders like Sadananda Gowda and V.S.Acharya stood behind him during the crisis.

From 2008, BJP has won seven elections in the state — be it by-elections, council elections, panchayat elections or milk federation elections. If there is any change, BSY argued that the BJP will stand to lose.

Often given to tears, Yeddyurappa talked tough with the BJP top brass in the national capital, telling them to back him or face the consequences. With the party leadership short of options to replace him, the chief minister chose to go on the offensive.

In his interactions with senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley and BJP chief Nitin Gadkari, Yeddyurappa reportedly asked why he alone was being subjected to “such a rigorous test of honesty and good conduct.” He sought to know why leaders like Sushma Swaraj and Ananth Kumar were not put to such a test. He reportedly said he would be “forced to expose the dealings of these central leaders.” According to an aide, “it is for the first time that he did not visit Sushma’s house in Delhi. He does not feel the need.” The party is quite uncomfortable with the Nira Radia tapes which exposed the involvement of some its leaders. Incidentally, Radia worked closely with Ananth Kumar in the late 1990s when he was the civil aviation minister.

Yeddyurappa also sought to know from Jaitley why neither Ananth Kumar nor the Reddy brothers were questioned for their attempts to destabilise the state government. “ The chief minister reportedly told the BJP central leadership that if he is forced to resign, he will make public the names of BJP national leaders who have received favours, including land allotments and denotifications, from him. He did not give any promise to stop Lingayat MLAs who may resign as a protest against his removal. He also threatened them that he would dismantle all fund-raising activities for the party.

He offered to resign conditionally. The conditions were – all other scam-tainted ministers and party functionaries should also be shown the door; second, the next CM candidate should be of his choice; third, the Reddy triumvirate should be kept out of the new cabinet and fourth, the party’s national general secretary Ananthkumar should be prohibited from meddling in the state BJP unit.

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