Will sick pseudo- secularists stop running down religion? – M.V. Kamath

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Lists barbaric acts of Muslim invaders to India and provides a reason why such past incidents are to be remembered. Lists the negative contributions of those who claim to be practicing Secularism. Draws comaprison between Hindu rulers and Muslim kings like Aurangazeb and Tipu. He argues that India was great from time immemorial. Criticises imperialism of China.  He concludes that India often has not got recognition what it desrved because of the sick attitude of Pseudosecularists.


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Barbarians from Central Asia and elsewhere mounted assault after assault on India. Some foreigners have recorded their observations. 

Most of the Hindus “ utterly cowed down” by the Portuguese who looked down on them “ with disdain” and denied them the right even to wear shoes!

                Sudhi Kakar in his book The Crimson Throne refering  to a diary maintained by an Italian traveller who  came to India in the 17th Century to Goa.


Hindus were treated abominably. Hindus were insulted by the Muslims under Mughal rule in various occassions in many ways. “ There are five or six idolaters for every Mohammadan” “the mohammadans rightly despise the idolaters as a naive and primitive people” “It is astonishing to see how this enormous multitude has allowed itself to be subjected by so small a number of Mohammadan princes”

                Francois Bernier, a French visitor and Italian traveller Niccoleo Menucci


In the course of his third attack in 1757 Ahmed Shah Abdali destroyed the holy city of Mathura. The Jesuit Tieffenthaler described the event. “ They burnt the houses together with the inmates, slaughtering others with the sword and the lance, hauling off into captivity maiden and youths. In the temples they slaughtered cows and smeared the images and pavements with blood”

                Meenakshi Jain’s Parallel Pathways: Essays on Hindu- Muslim Relations ( 1707- 1857).


Just to celebrate the marriage of his son, Tipu Sultan,  in “ a piece of contemptible, fanatical and tyrannical despotism, he compelled 1,00,000 of his defenseless Hindu subjects to embrace Mahamotism on the same day”. Even Christians were not spared of his intolerance which led to the extermination of a total of 40,000 souls. Scores and scores of temples were destroyed or desecrated during Islamic rule in India.

                 James Bristow, a British historian

Hindu kings have not invaded Afghanistan or Central Asia to destroy mosques. They have not raped Muslim women. No Hindu ruler has gone to Portugal or Spain, destroyed Churches and converted Christians into Hinduism on pain of death. Hindus have a pretty clean record.

Aurangazeb is generally regarded as a despicable character. But many others like Tipu Sultan, who are respected generally, have carried out barbaric attrocities on Hindus.  

Why should these events be recalled? Why can’t we let bygones be bygones? The answer is simple:

a.     Pseudosecularists has been running down Hindus and giving them a sense of guilt

b.     Our history books are bland. Textbook writers conveniently omit Islamic misdeeds lest they are dammed as communalists.  Psedo- secularists won’t even accept the ` fact’ that the Babri Masjid was built on the very   site where a huge structure dedicated to Sri Ram existed and which has destroyed.

c.     Hindus have invariably been at the other end of the stick  – pseudo- secularists want deliberately destroy the self respect of Hindus by constantly condemning them as              communalists, when they would rather forget all the suffering they have undergone in the past under alien         rulers.

d.     Hindus are damned to eternity. Hindus would rather forget the humiliation that they have suffered in the past and move on, but our pseudo              secularists are making it difficult for them. Just for asking that one place the Ram Janmabhoomi be cleared                 of an illegally constructed Masjid, Hindus are damned to eternity.

e.     Faith is questioned – Let them question the faith of Muslims and Christians and they will know what they will get back in return.

India, it is said, is on its way to be a Great Power. There is no such thing as India is ‘ on its way’. India, even under centuries of tyrannous rule has always been great because India is more than a state: It is a civilization, which has helped it to maintain its place under the most trying circumstances. We don’t have to aspire for greatness. Let us aspire for goodness. We Indians aspire for nobody’s land and only want to be left alone.

China which is aspiriring to be great is proving itself to be a worse imperialist country than Britain was in its heyday. China is today’s imperial power and Pakistan is the running dog of Chinese imperialism.

We can achieve wonders and in many ways we have. But which country in the world can put up a show such as we did at the inauguration of Commonwealth Games?

True, so much needs to be done, but Rome, its is said, was not built in a day. But our Army engineers set right a broken bridge in Delhi associated with the Commonwealth Games in just four days. There is poverty in the land and don’t our home- grown enemies make so much of it? Still at the national level we are a thriving nation.

Yes, there is corruption in the land but we admit to it and seek to rectify it. In tribal areas, much injustice has been done but there is a growing awareness of it among the people at large and a desire to make amends. Our goal is to achieve equality among all Indians.

We don’t have to be apologetic to anyone for anything. We will overcome our shortcomings as we have done so often in the past to become, not necessarily a Great Nation, but a Good people with an open heart, ready to forget a painful past, ready to work with all people irrespective of their religion, to build an India of our dreams. That is Hindutwavad, if out pseudo- secularists want to know.

It is said, but if there are just two idiots in Bollwood films there are two thousand of that variety in our pseudo- secular society. Indian pseudo-secularists are sick. They revel in running down their own religion and their own country. The more they run down their ancient culture, the more they feel self fulfilled.  Because of this sick attitude, India often has not got recognition what it desrved.  We can build an even greater India if only our pseudo- secularists do not constantly pull us down by our legs. They need to be called to order and the sooner, the better.

Source: Will sick pseudo- secularists stop running down religion? – M.V. Kamath

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