Why Amnesty International is to be stopped by India?

Amnesty International has published a report "Denied: Failures in accountability for human rights violations by security force personnel in Jammu and Kashmir". The title of the report indicates that security force personnel in Jammu and Kashmir are committing human rights violations and there is no accountability for such violations. But, as the organization admits that five security force personnel were ...
August 25th, 2016

Citizen Checklist to be filled by Amnesty

Amnesty International organized a programme on 13th August 2016, which is alleged to be aiming at maligning Indian Army.  The events of the programme created controversy which force the Karnataka state police to file an FIR against Amnesty International for sedition charges.  Public protest is growing against individual and organizations who collaborated to organize the programme.  Amnesty International has hosted ...
August 21st, 2016

Today: Saturday, Kali 5115, Vijaya Samvat.
A.D. 2016, October, 29